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Ed; The Kink of Games. He's Magically Delicious!

This is a boy/boy roleplay based on the manga/anime series entitled "Hagane No Renkinjutsushi," also known as "Full Metal Alchemist." If the theme makes you uncomfortable, please leave this community.

This community is basically the characters writing in diaries. If we need to brainstorm, or you just want some interaction between the characters, we do this:

If you would like to RP a scene for the RPG, You can do one of two things,

1. RP the scene over AIM or instant messaging service, then post the log underneath na LJ cut in the community. Make sure to mark what characters are involved in the post, and a brief summary of what the post is about.

2. Post using this form:

The person the thread is to will RP with you back and forth in the comments.

If you would like to make an OOC comment during the course of your RP, a statement, a compliment, anything that is said by you, and not your character, Type OOC in the subject of your comment, then put your text insidebrackets. (( ))

You can also make OOC posts in the community as well, Just lable them OOC in the subject line, all comments recieved will then obviously be OOC comments.

Any Questions feel free to ask!
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