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Herrow? Active players are nice players. Many people are breaking Rule Number 8.
8.) All roleplayers MUST update at least once every fifteen days, unless specifying a reason with one of the moderators. This will be excused if something happened that you were unaware of earlier, and did not have time to contact anyone.

But, I have an EdEnvyPride RP for you all! Be happy, and I want people to work after this. *shakes fist*

Characters- Ed, Envy and Pride!Ed
Rated- PG13
Summary- Ed and Pride meet while Pride is "stalking" Ed. Envy tracks his burden down, and hits on Ed. What more do you need to know?

Ok, Ed and Pride were commenting to each-other. Pride said "I know where you live...XD" or something to that effect. Ed made a comment about asking Pride if the strange clicking noise that sounded like keys being tapped outside his window was him, and Pride was all: "Um...Not anymore?" Ed was: "o_O" and then Pride was "BOO!". Yhup. Lovely recap ^_^

Pride's blank eyes peeked over the window sill, watching his prey. Frowning (Envy told him off for pouting) because this stranger was wearing his face, the sin decided to play a game. Envy always said that he liked playing with his food.

"BOO!" Pride shouted, jumping up and waving his arms like a maniac, before landing in a crouch under the window.

If the window was not made of the thick material it was, Pride's booming voice would have probably sounded louder to Edward, and he would probably have been more frightened. Fortunately, the sound was not too loud, and the reaction Ed had was merely flailing and falling off of his chair.

"What the fuck?!" he shouted, pulling himself towards the window and
glancing at what looked like himself.

Blinking, it took Pride a few seconds to register his face looking at him. With a yelp, he jumped backwards and into a branch of a tree, looking down to gaze at his computer sadly.
"...Can you pass me that?"

Okay, what the hell was with this guy, and why did he have his face? Edward saw Pride's mouth moving, but could not make out what he was saying. Curious, he stepped into his boots and cautiously stepped outside, not caring that he was still in a plain, white t-shirt and blue boxers.

Watching carefully, Pride transmuted his clothing to match that of the look-a-like who stole his face. Jumping down, he proceeded to do what he did best; copy. He imitated the other's stance, hair and facial expression, turning himself into something like a living mirror.

"What the..." Ed stated, staring blankly at what looked like an exact copy of himself. Flabbergasted, he tried to think of something to say, but all he could think of was:

"Stop copying me!"

"Stop copying me!" Pride repeated, mimicking the double's voice.

"I mean it!" Edward growled, shoving Pride slightly.

"I mean it!" Pride growled, shoving Ed back.

The blond alchemist was not expecting for the copy of himself to shove him back, therefore was not bracing himself, resulting in his feet being pushed towards the roots of a nearby tree. Quickly, Edward lost balance and toppled onto the ground, then looked up to glare at Pride.

Pride, still in his 'Copy' mindset, did exactly as Ed did, with one minor alteration...

...Which would be landing on the Full Metal Alchemist.

Crimson tickling Ed's features, he shrieked and attempted to shove Pride off of him. He attempted to shout at Pride, but realized that such a thing would just end up with Pride yelling the same things right back at him, which was quite a nuisance.

A rustling in the three above them was all it took for Pride to leap off Ed and gaze adoringly into the branches. Five seconds later, Envy was down and attempting to beat the shit out of the younger sin for pissing him off. But, well, Pride was still copying, but had (fortunately?) switched to copying his 'Brother'.

The whole situation confused Edward even more. He wondered where the fuck Envy came from, why Pride was always obeying Envy, who the hell was Pride, really, and to sum it up: What was going on?

Finally noticing the midget in shorts, Envy aimed one final blow at Pride (who had somewhere along the line transmuted his clothing back) before giving his Chibi his full attention.
"You know, Full Metal Shorty, the say that staying out in the cold too long shrinks certain things." Already used to Pride imitating him, he didn't pay the other sin too much heed when he began copying his stance and whatnot.

"Shut up, Envy," Ed hissed, lifting himself back to his feet and wiping the dirt off his clothing. The last thing he was planning on doing was staying outside with such weird people. Absentmindedly scratching his side, Edward began to walk back into the house, hoping that neither "person" would attempt to stop him.

Pride was torn at who to follow, but luckily for him, Envy was following his look-a-like.
"Chibi-san!" He called out mockingly, earning himself a raised eyebrow from Envy.
"It's not polite to walk away without introducing yourself!" This time Envy really did hit him.

Edward did not turn around, even after hearing the loud noise of a fist hitting Pride. For some reason, he had the urge to turn around and kick Envy for hurting Pride so much, but he ignored the urge and continued heading towards the door.

Eyes narrowing into a glare (and still in his "Envy" mindset), Pride sped up and blocked Ed's path. He felt rather than saw Envy do the same thing, ending up behind the younger sin.
"You gonna tell me your name?"

"I told you before," Ed grunted, wanting to get back inside where it was comfortable and warm instead of standing out in the freezing cold.

Pride tilted his head to the side, putting a temporary end to his annoyance.
"You did?"

"Yes, it's Edward. Now let me go inside," he responded, a bit annoyed.
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