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Hello, and welcome to the Kink Me Community!

All roleplayers that have already been accepted, please comment on this post with the subject as "Roleplayer." In this comment, please write your character username and instant messaging address. Please also put your e-mail address.

Thank you.

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Character- Pride!Ed
Username- prideful_sins
IM (MSN)- forgive_your_sins@hotmail.com
(Yahoo)- ElleChantSalvensog

And I started this Comm, because I am special ^___^
And sweetie, we're the Kink_Me community, not the Kimk_Me one.
Well, you have to admit, Kimk is pretty catchy.
Go ahead. Say it out loud!
You fixed it ;.;
Character: Edward Elric
Username: sexyandnotshort
AIM Address: XoX3 Koneko Doom
Yahoo! Address: animeluver1992
MSN Address: X0xDemonNekox0X@aol.com

And I helped you with this com, because I'm special, too =D.
*Email Address: X0xDemonNekox0X@hellokitty.com
Character: Envy
Username: full_of_envy
MSN: deny_thy_father@hotmail.com

I should probably log out of ygo_s's accounts >_> <_<